Keuzegids Hbo: all CvA programmes proclaimed Top Rated Programmes

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The Bachelor of Music, the Music in Education programme and the Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy have been proclaimed Top Rated Programmes by the ‘Keuzegids Hbo 2022’, the annual national quality survey of higher education in the Netherlands. This means that these programmes rank among the best programmes in the country. 

The Bachelor of Music programme, which comprises classical music, early music, jazz and pop, achieved the highest ranking with a score of 80. Especially the teachers, the content of the study programme and the examination are valued above average.

This year the Music in Education programme once again scores in the very top regions: this course has also been awarded five stars. The teachers are especially highly valued, but the course also scores above average on course contents, examination, atmosphere and preparation for professional practice.

The Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy (AEMA), with a score of 97 (!) out of 100, is awarded no less than five stars. ‘Students learn to develop their own musical identities and sound at the Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy,’ says the Keuzegids. ‘All aspects of the music industry are refelcted in the programme, from copyright and marketing to performance and working with analogue synthesizers.’ The AEMA is the most recent addition to the CvA study programmes: this programme for electronic musicians started in 2018 and received an Associate Degree accreditation in 2019.

Thanks to all the students of the programmes mentioned, who, despite all the Covid-19 measures, have shown how proud they are of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam by giving high marks on the Nationale Studenten Enquete (NSE).