Audition successes for Dámaso Escauriaza, Jasper Mertens, Lorenzo Russo and Edoardo di Cicco

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More wonderful audition news! At the beginning of September Dámaso Escauriaza (photo), master student of classical percussion, has won the percussion audition of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.

Two alumni will join the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra: Jasper Mertens has won the percussion audition and Lorenzo Russo the one for clarinet. Lorenzo has been appointed as E flat / second clarinet.

And finally alumnus Edoardo di Ciccio has been appointed first clarinet of the orchestra of Florence. 

Dámaso Escauriaza and Jasper Mertens studied with Richard Jansen and others from the percussion section; Lorenzo en Edoardo studied with Arno Piters.