Three CvA bands winner of Keep an Eye The Records

Photo by Jaap Kroon

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The Anna Serierse/Gijs Idema Quartet, the Sam Newbould Quintet and SMANDEM have won Keep an Eye The Records 2019. All three bands have won a fully paid album production amounting to € 10.000,- In the final, the Anna Serierse/Gijs Idema Quartet, the Sam Newbould Quintet and SMANDEM were selected from seven bands, six of which consist of Conservatorium van Amsterdam alumni.

The members of the Anne Serierse/Gijs Idema Quartet are Anna Serierse, vocals; Gijs Idema, guitar; Cas Jiskoot, bass, and Tim Hennekes, drums. The Sam Newbould Quintet consists of Sam Newbould, alto sax/compositions; Bernard van Rossum, tenor sax; Youngwoo Lee, piano; Daniel Nage, bass, and Guy Salamon, drums. SMANDEM was formed by Rafael Sinay, guitar; David van der Grinten, keyboards; Aäron Bouwman, bass guitar, and Kick Woudstra, drums. 

Keep an Eye The Records is a band competition offering three fully paid album productions amounting to € 10.000,-. each. The competition is open to alumni from all Dutch conservatories.