Josep Garcés Pellicer to receive subsidy towards ‘Liveloop’

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The Dutch ‘Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA’ has awarded a subsidy of € 25.000 to Liveloop, a looping software for stage musicians developed by Josep Garcés Pellicer during his master research at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Josep graduated from the master programme in Live Electronics in June 2018.

Live Looping is a playing technique based on loops being recorded during the performance, to which musicians play new material, engendering a texture of ‘voices’ – more voices than there are musicians on stage. Up to now, the technique supporting this process had its limitations. The user-friendliness left something to be desired and it wasn’t possible to adequately synchronise irregular times or complex rhythms. Furthermore, musicians were limited to a standard set of ‘plug-ins’ (virtual instruments and effects). Shortcomings which stimulated Josep to develop a software for live looping which can be used efficiently and intuitively, offering boundless musical possibilities at the same time; a system based on a combination of technical ingenuity, stage experience and artistic imagination. 

This subsidy will enable Josep to do further research into the market potential of his creative enterprise. He will be assisted by a team of experts in the field of technology, marketing and communications, under the auspices of the Music Research Division of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Earlier this year Francesca Clements also received a SIA grant towards her project Electro lab, also a research project which originated in the master’s programme in Live Electronics. 

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