Four CvA bands to compete in The Records 2018 final

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Four bands formed by Conservatorium van Amsterdam jazz alumni have reached the final of Keep an Eye The Records 2018. These bands will play in the final:

Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Orestis Petrakis, piano; Pedro Ivo Ferreira, double bass; Nick Thessalonikefs drums

Tijs Klaassen Quintet
Maurijn van der Does, alto sax; Matthias van den Brande, tenor sax; Floris Kappeyne, piano & synth; Wouter Kühne, drums; Tijs Klaassen, double bass

Guy Salamon Group
Ian Cleaver, trumpet); Alistair Payne, trumpet; Jose Soares, alto sax; Lucas Martinez, tenor sax; Teis Semey, guitar; Youngwoo Lee, piano; William Barrett, double bass; Guy Salamon, drums

Lucas Martínez Project
Lucas Martínez, tenor sax; Youngwoo Lee, piano; Jort Terwijn, double bass; Fran Gallo, drums. 


Pablo Rodríguez, violin; Humberto Ríos, piano

Half Easy Trio
Thomas Maasz, piano; Johannes Fend, double bass; Martin Hafizi, drums


Ruben Drenth Trio
Ruben Drenth, trumpet; Thijs van Gemert, double bass; Mees Siderius, drums

These seven bands have been selected from no less than 47 entries.

Keep an Eye The Records is a band competition offering three fully paid album productions amounting to € 10.000,-. each. The final will be held on December 1at at the Bimhuis.

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