Many prizes for CvA students at Prinses Christina Competition

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Op het Prinses Christina Concours Haarlem/Zaandam 2017 zijn veel studenten van het Conservatoruim van Amsterdam in de prijzen gevallen

Many Conservatorium van Amsterdam students have won prizes at the Prinses Christina Competition Haarlem/Zaandam 2017. Sasha Witteveen (13) won first prize in category 1 (age 12-14 ). She studies double bass with Peter Leerdam at the Sweelinck Academy, the CvA’s study programme for exceptionally gifted children.

In category 2 (age 15-19), Maxim Heijmerink (16) won first prize and Nozomi Akamatsu (15) second prize. Maxim studies piano at the Sweelinck Academy with Mila Baslawaskaja and Nozomi with Marianne Boer.

Fleur Peereboom (18) won second prize in category 3, (age 12-19 jaar and studying at a conservatory). Fleur studies saxophone in the first year of the bachelor’s degree programme.

Incentive prizes were awarded to Sweelinck Academy students Alice van Binsbergen (13), violin student with Wiesje Miedema, and Fleur Overbeek (15), violin student with Lex Korff de Gidts; Maria Nikiforov (19), piano student with Marcel Baudet in the preparatory programme, and Louisa Rocha (19), violin student with Maria Milstein.

Sweelinck Academie students Olga Göschel (12) and Felicia Bao (13), both violin students with Wiesje Miedema, Zara le Clercq (14), piano student with Marianne Boer, and Nelleke Boor (15), violin student with  Lex Korff de Gidts, received an honourable mention.