Daahoud Salim Alvarez wins Grachtenfestival Conservatory Competition 2015

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Pianist Daahoud Salim Alvarez has won the twelfth edition of the Grachtenfestival Conservatory Competition.

Daahoud studies with David Kuyken in the CvA's master degree programme. He has won a performance at the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival (August 14-23, 2015), an amount of € 2000,-, made available by the Mohamed Yakoubi Foundation, and a professional photo shoot with Ronald Knapp.

Daahoud will perform on April 24, 25 and 26 in the programme ‘Verbotene Musik’, with the Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andrew Grams. He will play Erwin Schulhoff's Piano Concerto op. 43.

Photo by Ronald Knapp