Pannonica Tango Quartet wins Doble Ocho competition

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Pannonica Tango Quartet has won the Doble Ocho International Tango Festival in Nijmegen, a prestigious award for tango in the Netherlands. As a result the quartet gets the opportunity to bring their music to the Argentinean embassy and various tango festivals.


Pannonica Tango Quartet consists of four CvA saxophone students, with the appealing particularity that two of them are from the jazz department and two from the classical. They found a very balanced common ground in this Argentinian passionate and yet sophisticated music and they are very proud of the results of this encounter.

The Pannonica Tango Quartet are Paul Lamarque, soprano saxophone; Miguel Ortega, alto saxophone; Lucas Malec, tenor saxophone, and Juan Manuel Dominguez, baritone saxophone.

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