Thomas Horter

Thomas Horter

Klassieke muziek - bachelor



Take advantage of everything and never sleep! The school (and city) has an endless amount of activities that a student can take part in. Learn an early instrument, even if you don't ever plan on performing one.

I am a flutist who specializes historically informed performance, in addition to being an orchestral musician, certified repair technician and flute teacher. Like many flutists throughout history, who were not only performers but also flute builders and teachers, I aspire to know about every facet of the instrument. Linking these aspects with historical data is what makes a modern musician an artist, in my mind.

I attended the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2009-14 just for those reasons. It was a place I could learn how the past and present were linked, through an in-depth study of both historical performance and contemporary music.

Since my graduation, I have lived in Austin, Texas, USA. Here I play in the Williamson County Symphony Orchestra and teach for Round Rock ISD and the Manor ISD school districts. I also work for Austin Soundwaves as a flute teaching artist and repair technician. Through donations, Austin Soundwaves gives children up to 18 years old a chance to take music lessons and own their own instrument. The organization was modeled around "El Sistema" from Venezuela. I am quite proud to work for them in about 10 schools. I also have the occasional chance to perform as a soloist at awesome Austin venues like the Draylen Mason music studio at 89.5 FM KMFA. Local music competitions often contact me to be a judge as well.

All of this would have simply not been possible without my education in Amsterdam. Ranging from practical aspects, such as how to handle finances, all the way to performance and even pedagogical aspects of flute playing, the conservatory taught me several things about how to be an independent musician.

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