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On this page, we will keep students, teachers and employees from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam informed about the latest updates, measures and impacts for our education in regards to the Corona virus (COVID-19). Together with the AHK we are constantly working on solutions to make studying and teaching possible in these circumstances, and to answer all your questions. The AHK, as well as the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, will follow the recommendations made by the Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM).

The AHK will keep all students and employees from all the academies informed via their website and newsletters. Information especially pertaining to conservatory matters will be published on this page and in our CvA newsletters. 

Table of contents
1. Coronavirus updates
2. Contact
3. Frequently asked questions for students
4. Initiatives

Updates coronavirus

10 June
It is now possible to study at the CvA buildings with more than one person. It is also possible to study longer. Read more about the guidelines at MyAHK.

15 May
Solo study is now possible for all students. More information on how to make a request on MyAHK.

7 May
The CvA library has resumed some services. It is possible to borrow books and sheet music. Read more on MyAHK.
Graduate students can request additional equipment via cva-service.

30 April
Graduate students can request acces to the building for solo study. Read more on MyAHK.

22 April, 16:00
Update on testing and examination in times of corona. Read the entire message on MyAHK.

7 April, 17:00
All the lessons at the CvA will continue online until the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. This means that all exams will also be taken online. At the moment we are in consultation about the manner in which the majority of the exams will be tested in adapted form. Please note: this does not apply to the final exams of the principal subject (bachelor 4 and master 2).

3 April, 15:00
As the Dutch government announced last Tuesday, the corona measures have been extended up to and including 28 April. As a result of that, the period of online education will also be extended until (at least) 28 April and the buildings will remain closed during the following May holiday or schedule-free week (up to and including 3 May).

To support students who find themselves in financial trouble due to the Corona-crisis, the CvA, together with the Muziek is Meer Steunfonds, started an emergency relief fund. For more information, click here

Previous updates
Read all previous corona update emails sent to students:
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Updates AHK
Read the previous updates, sorted by date, at ahk.nl/corona.


Students can contact their own study coach, study coordinator or the student counsellor. Teachers can contact the study supervisor or study coordinator.

Dorine Jansma

Bram Strijbis

Jack Pisters

Music in Education
Adri Schreuder

Are you a student and do you need medical help (corona-related or not)? Call your General Practitioner. If you do not have a GP, find one as soon as possible. On MyAHK you can find important information about medical help and which GP or General practice center you can contact.

If you feel overwhelmed and you need urgent care, please contact our student counsellor Heleen de Kam, heleen.dekam@ahk.nl.

The ICT helpdesk can be reached on working days on telephone number 020 527 7752 or via helpdesk@ahk.nl.


If you still have questions that are not answered below under 'Information and Frequently Asked Questions', you can contact cva-info@ahk.nl.

For urgent matters that cannot be handled through email: 06 57 60 89 48 or 06 57 22 81 36 (daily between 12.00 and 14.00 hours).


Due to the closure of the buildings, the desk of the Central Student Administration (CSa) on the Jodenbreestraat is also closed. The CSa is also expected to be difficult to reach by telephone. You can reach the CSa by email at csa@ahk.nl.


News about ideas and initiatives is always welcome at cva-communicatie@ahk.nl.


Information and frequently asked questions for students

The outbreak of the Corona virus forced us to adapt to a whole new home and study situation. We understand that this leads to a lot of questions. On the website https://www.ahk.nl/en/corona-en/ you can find not only information but also a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Corona virus, online education, study delay, Binding Study Recommendation, financial consequences, visa and traveling abroad.

Aside from this, there are several questions that are specific to the Conservatorium van Amsterdam that we will answer on this page.

Until when will the classes be online?
Now that corona measures have been extended until April 28 and it is expected that at least part of the measures will still be in effect after this period, we will continue online education until the end of Study year 2019-2020. This means that, even if some form of lessons on location would start again, online education will also continue until the end of the school year.

How can I follow online classes from home?
The CvA offers a few different options to continue your classes online. Teachers can give their classes with help of the following applications: CvA-Online, Zoom, Skype or Teams. Your teacher will contact you with information about which application they intend to use.

There will be more information and support for following online classes soon at MyAHK.nl. You will be informed about this as soon as this information is available.

When can I make use of the CvA facilities again?
At this moment we are investigating íf and under which conditions we will be able to have students entering the building. First priority will be given to students who are preparing for their final exam. All this of course whilst continuously considering the guidelines of the RIVM. Health and safety for our students and teachers always come first. As soon as there is more certainty in this matter the students concerned will be approached. 

What should I do if I am (still) abroad when normal education is resumed?
Students who are currently residing with family in their home country do not need to worry about coming back to Amsterdam as soon as normal education can be resumed. We will keep offering online education until the summer, even when the building will be (partially) opened.

Will exams still take place and if so, in which way?
Where possible courses will be tested online. For certain courses exams will be adapted. In consultation with the Board of Exams alternative ways of online testing will be investigated, maybe in combination with a replacing assignment. For those courses where online testing is not possible, we will look into alternative forms of testing.

Will my final exam still take place and if so, in which way?
The board of directors will - together with heads of department, staff coordinators and the exam committee - do their utmost to see these problems are addressed. One of the important issues we do have to consider in this matter is the clarity about access to our buildings and facilities and the possible restrictions we have to take into account. It is our intention to inform you in the second half of April as soon as we have received further guidelines from the government.

Will the entrance exams still happen and in which way?
The entrance exams will take place. This will be most likely happen through online audition. The Study Secretariat will contact all the applicants with more information about this procedure.

Do I still need to pay my tuition?
By offering the online education we are trying to keep the continuity in our education, and prevent any delays for students. Therefore, you still need to pay your tuition, as is nationally determined.

Students who opted to pay their tuition in terms throughout the year and will be in financial trouble due to the current situation can opt for a delayed payment. If you are interested in this option you can contact the Central Student Administration (csa@ahk.nl)

Can I borrow extra money at DUO?
Many students have lost their extra form of income they usually receive through their side job or their work as entrepreneurs. The ministry points out that it is possible for students to (temporarily) increase their loan with DUO. If you are currently not borrowing the maximum amount, you can apply for this retroactively until the start of this study year (September 1st 2019). Apart from this, you can also apply for collegegeldkrediet. You can arrange this via DUO.

Can I apply for financial support at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam?
To be eligible for financial support because of loss of income cue to the virus – a loss of income that cannot be covered by an extra loan from DUO or any other governmental body – you have to apply for support. For more information, go to: consam.nl/steunfonds.

I have problems with my housing. What can I do?
For questions regarding your rent, it is best to contact your landlord/landlady directly.

Students who are renting an appartment at the Stichting Jan Pieterszoon Huis, received a seperate letter about this today. These students can contact Marja Mosk (cva-housing@ahk.nl) or Carel Quarels (c.quarlesvanufford@janpieterszoonhuis.nl) with their questions about rent and possible arrangements. Please put broker Denise Heijne from Recourt Makelaars in CC (denise@recourtmakelaars.nl).


Moet ik nog collegegeld blijven betalen?
Door het online aanbieden van het onderwijs proberen wij de continuïteit van het onderwijs te garanderen en studievertraging te voorkomen. Het collegegeld blijf je – in lijn met de landelijke regelgeving en richtlijnen – verschuldigd.

Studenten die hun collegegeld in termijnen betalen en door de huidige situatie in financiële problemen komen, kunnen een uitstel van betaling krijgen van twee maanden voor de laatste twee termijnen. Wil je hiervan gebruikmaken, neem dan contact op met de Centrale Studentenadministratie via csa@ahk.nl.

Kan ik extra geld lenen bij DUO?
Voor veel studenten valt het inkomen uit een (bij)baan of zelfstandig ondernemerschap weg. De minister wijst erop dat het mogelijk is om (tijdelijk) meer te lenen bij DUO. Als je nog niet maximaal geleend hebt, dan kun je dat met terugwerkende kracht tot de start van dit studiejaar (1 september 2019) alsnog doen. Daarnaast is het mogelijk om collegegeldkrediet aan te vragen. Je kunt dit zelf regelen via DUO.

Kan ik financiële steun aanvragen bij het Conservatorium van Amsterdam?
Om in aanmerking te komen voor een financiële tegemoetkoming vanwege inkomstenderving door de coronacrisis, die niet kan worden gedekt met een extra lening van DUO of door andere voorzieningen van de overheid of gemeente, kunnen studenten een aanvraag indienen. Voor meer informatie kijk op: consam.nl/steunfonds

Ik ben als student ook ZZP’er. Kan ik gebruik maken van een regeling?
Zelfstandige ondernemers (zzp’ers) met financiële problemen kunnen een beroep doen op extra tijdelijke ondersteuning die uitgevoerd wordt door gemeenten. Meer informatie over deze voorziening vind je op de website van de Rijksoverheid.

Ik heb problemen met mijn huisvesting. Wat moet ik doen?
Voor vragen met betrekking tot huur, kun je het best rechtstreeks contact opnemen met jouw verhuurder. 

Studenten die een woning huren bij de Stichting Jan Pieterszoon Huis, hebben daar vandaag separaat een brief over ontvangen. Deze studenten kunnen voor vragen over huurbetaling en eventuele regelingen, contact opnemen met Marja Mosk, via cva-housing@ahk.nl of Carel Quarels via c.quarlesvanufford@janpieterszoonhuis.nl. De stichting heeft ons laten weten dat ze het op prijs stellen wanneer Denise Heijne van Recourt Makelaars via denise@recourtmakelaars.nl hierbij in CC gezet wordt.


I did not receive any of the AHK or CvA newsletters. What happened?
All newsletters from the AHK and CvA are sent to the @student.ahk.nl email addresses. We ask you to actively check your inbox, which is possible via MyAHK.nl. Also check your spam folder. Lastly, do not forget to empty your inbox so new messages can be received.

Tip: Automatically forward your AHK-mail to your prviate e-mail address. Watch the instruction vdeo.

If you still encounter problems, contact the ICT-helpdesk on working days via 020 527 7752 or via helpdesk@ahk.nl.

Which news sources offer the correct and current information about the Corona Virus?
We would advise to use the following sources:
● RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu)
● Rijksoverheid


Ik ontvang de nieuwsbrieven van de AHK en het CvA niet. Hoe kan dit?
Alle nieuwsbrieven naar studenten vanuit de AHK en het CvA worden verzonden naar het AHK mailadres. We willen je vragen actief je @ahk.nl account in de gaten te houden, wat kan via MyAHK.nl. Check ook je spam inbox, wellicht zijn onze emails daarin beland. En zorg je er voor dat er voldoende ruimte is in dit account door oude berichten op te ruimen?

Mocht je er niet uitkomen, neem dan contact op met de ICT-helpdesk. Op werkdagen bereikbaar via telefoonnummer 020 527 7752 of via helpdesk@ahk.nl.

Welke nieuwsbronnen bieden de juiste en actuele informatie over de coronacrisis?
Wij adviseren om de volgende bronnen te raadplegen voor de laatste ontwikkelingen:


A selection of inspiring initiatives by CvA students and teachers. Do you have a good story, project, photo or video that you would like to share? Please email cva-communicatie@ahk.nl.

Special delivery
There are some CvA students who are not able to practice at home for their upcoming exam. That's why CvA-Service made it possible to have digital piano's delivered to their house. Also a couple of CvA drummers of the jazz department received an electric drum set to keep their neighbours happy 


Online classes
Many teachers have started to teach their classes online. Students and teachers meet each other using Zoom or Teams for instance. See our 'Keep in Touch' slideshow below for more photos.


Javaplein Passion Project
Amazing initiative from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam community! Balcony concert: Matthäus-Passion. Thanks to all the musicians for this wonderful gift. Stay connected with each other through music! The project was featured on the news on Dutch national televison. Check the Facebook-page for more info.


Keep in Touch


Relief fund for students

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Frequently asked questions Rijksoverheid

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