7th Amsterdam Viola Festival

13-17 November 2019

With special guests

Wednesday 13 November

10.00-18.20h Bernard Haitinkzaal
Competition first round

Thursday 14 November

9.00-15.20h Bernard Haitinkzaal
Competition second round

10.00-14.00h mezzanine
Violinmakers Theo Marks, Jan van der Elst
Bowmakers Andreas Grütter

10.00-13.00h and 13.30-16.30h room 5.09 and 7.33 
Masterclass by Nobuko Imai

10.00-13.00h and 13.30-16.30 rooms 5.07 and 7.32  
Masterclass by Sven Arne Tepl

19.30h Sweelinckzaal
Nobuko Imai, Veit Hertenstein, Marjolein Dispa, Martin Moriarty, viola
Bach/Nodaira - Chaconne for four violas

Francien Schatborn, Judith Wijzenbeek, Marjolein Dispa, viola
Hindemith - 8 Kanons

Garth Knox, viola
Knox  - Cinq petites entropies for viola d’amore 

Peter Brunt, Richard Wolfe, violin; Francien Schatborn, Marjolein Dispa, viola; Michel Dispa, cello
Beethoven - String Quintet in c minor op. 104

Friday 15 November 2019

10.00-13.00h room 4.38
Masterclass by Veit Hertenstein  

10.00-13.00h and 14.00-17.00h rooms 4.08 and 4.40      
Masterclass by Garth Knox        

10.00-13.00h and 14.00-17.00h rooms 4.33 and 4.34
Masterclass by Jürgen Kussmaul      

15.00-18.00h room 6.03
Masterclass by Marjolein Dispa

15.00-18.00h room 6.05
Masterclass by Francien Schatborn

9.30-15.00h Bernard Haitinkzaal
General rehearsal of the three competition finalists
9.30-11.00h finalist 1            
11.15-12.45h finalist 2
13.30-15.00h finalist 3

19.30h Sweelinckzaal    
Nobuko Imai, viola; Martijn Willers, piano
Beethoven - Sonata for horn and piano, op. 17, arr. for viola and piano

Nobuko Imai, viola; Rie Tanaka, piano
Bartók - Sonata for violin and piano no. 2, arr. for viola and piano 

Veit Hertenstein, Martin Moriarty, viola; Minze Kim, piano
Shostakovich - Five pieces for two violins and piano, arr. for two violas and piano by Mamiko Kobayakawa

Veit Hertenstein, viola; Minze Kim, piano
Shostakovich - from Preludes op. 34 nos. 10, 15, 16 and 24, arr. for violin and piano by Dmitri Zyganov; Schumann - Sonata No 2 in d minor op.121 for violin and piano, in a version for viola and piano

Saturday 16 November

10.00-14.00h mezzanine
Violinmakers Theo Marks, Guust Francois, Jan van der Elst
Bowmakers Andreas Grütter, Michael Yeats    

10.00-14.00h room 7.07
Masterclass by Jürgen Kussmaul

10.00-14.00h room 4.33
Masterclass by Sven Arne Tepl            

10.00-14.00h Bernard Haitinkzaal
Masterclass by Garth Knox      

10.00-14.00h Sweelinckzaal      
Masterclass by Veit Hertenstein        

10.00-16.00h room 7.42
Masterclass by Judith Wijzenbeek (for young talents)

- Activities below will take place at Splendor, Amsterdam -

15.00-16.45h Splendor, attic
Workshop Amateur Viola

17.00h Splendor, main hall
Interview with Garth Knox, Max Knigge and Oene van Geel

18.00h Splendor, canteen
dinner Duth Viola Society

20.00h Splendor, main hall
Concert, with Bowen - Fantasy quartet; Knox - Pocket Concerto; Bridge - Duo; Rita Hijmans - Viola quartet by first years students; Leo Samama - Viola Pomposa; Maurice Horsthuis - Cohort, violas only; Max Knigge - Achille, Ajax & Moi; Best Performance Bach 1st round; Best Performance Vieuxtemps Capriccio 2nd round, and more

22.00h Splendor, main hall
Viola Night Lounge

Sunday 17 November

10.30-13.30h room 7.46
Masterclass by Jürgen Kussmaul     

10.30-13.30h room 7.05     
Masterclass by Sven Arne Tepl    

10.30-13.30h room 7.45
Masterclass by Veit Hertenstein     

10.30-13.30h Sweelinckzaal
Masterclass by Garth Knox        

14.00h Bernard Haitinkzaal 
Competition final


Sweelinckzaal: Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 151, Amsterdam
Splendor: Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116, Amsterdam

How to apply for the masterclasses

You can apply for the masterclasses by e-mailing your name, preferred teacher and date and piece you will play (if already known) to anne.korffdegidts@ahk.nl

Young talent students for the masterclass with Judith Wijzenbeek can apply by e-mailing judith.wijzenbeek@ahk.nl.

For CvA students the masterclasses are free of charge. For participants outside the Conservatorium van Amsterdam the fee is € 40,-, to be paid in advance by bank transfer:

Conservatorium van Amsterdam
IBAN NL52RABO0309034426
Please mention your name, which masterclass(es) and date(s)).

Deadline for application: 31 October 2019

More information

in cooperation with Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds, Dutch Viola Society and Splendor