How to apply

Application for the Keep an Eye International Jazz Award is open. Please click here for the online application form.

Closing date for application: February 2nd, 2019.

Only Conservatorium van Amsterdam bands may participate.

Application Regulations

* Your band has to be available on March 25, 26, 27 and 28, 2019, for the semi-finals, band coaching and the final!
* There is no maximum band size.
* Your recording has to feature the same musicians who will play the semi-final and the final (no subs!).
* The two recordings you submit must be one original composition and one standard.
* The total duration of the material should not exceed 8 minutes.
* Master, bachelor and contract students of the CVA can participate.
* As a band leader, you can only sign up with one project.
* As a band member, you may sign up with no more than three bands
* It is possible for alumni students to participate (graduated in or after 2015). NB No more than one alumnus in a band, plus the alumnus cannot be the band leader nor win individual prizes.
* All bands will have to play 15 minutes and play at least one original composition at both the semi-final and the final.

All bands have to arrange and play their own version of one of these compositions from the European Real Book.
1.  Secret Champ - Jesse van Ruller
2.  Elvin's Song - Stefano di Battista
3.  This Time - David Linx
4.  Sonatala - Harmen Fraanje
5.  The Whole Bunch - Martijn van Iterson
6.  Mabel - Kenny Wheeler
7.  Amazing You - Karel Boehlee

* NOTE: The European Real Book composition you choose does NOT have to be one ot the application songs.
* NOTE: You will have to play your arrangement of the European Real Book composition both at the semi-final and at the final.
* NOTE: Some artists wrote lyrics to the above-mentioned songs that can be found on the internet. We also encourage you to scat the melody or write your own lyrics.
* The admissions panel will consist of CvA faculty, representing all instruments. They will evaluate each application blind and will select max. 10 bands for the semi-finals.
* If you get selected for the final, you will have to play with the same musicians of your semi-final band.