Graduation Jazz Festival

Monday 30 November 2020, 18:30 - 19:30 hrs.
Piet Heinkade 3
1019 BR Amsterdam

CvA Graduation Jazz Festival 2020 @ BIMHUIS - live te volgens via stream op het BIMHUIS youtube kanaal.
Een selectie van CvA jazz alumni 2020 uit de bachelor- en masteropleiding presenteert tijdens 5 avonden in het Bimhuis hun afstudeerwerk.
(Door de corona crisis hebben er dit jaar geen live eindexamenconcerten kunnen plaatsvinden.)

Data: 25 nov / 30 nov / 2 dec / 9 dec / 10 dec - 2 concert sets per avond: Set 1: 18.30 en Set 2: 20.30

== Deze set: ==

Joël Metz – Tenor saxophone
Elena Pisano – Piano
Matteo Mazzu – bass guitar
William Smith – drums

The band project Lysander founded by Joël Lysander Metz (Tenor Saxophone) and brought to life by Elena Pisano (Piano), Matteo Mazzu (Bass Guitar) and William Smith (Drums), pictures a varying array of emotionally driven songs. From snapshots of the simplicity and lightness of life to portraits of melancholic landscapes, Lysander combines different styles of music and will grant you a short insight into their personal gallery of original material.  While uniting the spirits of 4 different musicians from different countries within Europe, all based in the Netherlands, Lysander conveys a sense of bold energy in their sound and melodic outlines. 

Hristo Goleminov: Tenor Sax 
Fabien Vuattoux: Electric guitar 
Massimo Imperatore: Electric guitar 
Ilia Rayskin: Drums 
Matteo Mazzù: Bass, composition 

Matteo Mazzù’s « Tumulte » is a newly formed group based in Amsterdam, featuring some of the city’s upcoming creative spirits. Aiming to blur stylistic lines, the band blends daring melodies with hovering atmospherics and wild dual-guitar attacks.