Graduation Jazz Festival

Wednesday 25 November 2020, 18:30 - 19:30 hrs.
Piet Heinkade 3
1019 BR Amsterdam

CvA Graduation Jazz Festival 2020 @ BIMHUIS - live te volgens via stream op het BIMHUIS youtube kanaal.
Een selectie van CvA jazz alumni 2020 uit de bachelor- en masteropleiding presenteert tijdens 5 avonden in het Bimhuis hun afstudeerwerk.
(Door de corona crisis hebben er dit jaar geen live eindexamenconcerten kunnen plaatsvinden.)

Data: 25 nov / 30 nov / 2 dec / 9 dec / 10 dec - 2 concert sets per avond: Set 1: 18.30 en Set 2: 20.30


Rebi Zsula Project
Rebeka Zsula – voice, piano
Oleg Prilutsky – trumpet
Karolis Šarkus - alto saxophone
Joël Metz - tenor saxophone
Joop de Graaf - electric bass
Nitin Parree – drums

Rebi Zsula is a Hungarian singer-songwriter. Her vocal clarity and authenticity are essential features of her repertoire of own compositions and arrangements. Combining both singing and playing the piano, she finds a very well-balanced grade between vocalist and instrumentalist. In her recent project she is aiming for a complex sound which leads you to an adventurous journey with rhythmicity and groove.  ----

Thomas Beltsios Quartet
Thomas Beltsios – guitar
David Macchione - double bass
José Soares – Alto Sax (ipv Federico Calcagno op klarinet)
Nick Thessalonikefs – drums

A freshly formed project, the Thomas Beltsios Quartet is a creative output for original compositions, bringing together highly talented musicians with a distinctive character. The quartet draws from their individual origins and diverse influences, resulting in energetic, compelling music that reconciles raw and refined, blending contemporary jazz/folk/indie with improvisation as a key element.