Tuition fees

The statutory tuition fee, set by the Dutch government, is set at € 2,143 for the academic year 2020-2021. Please note: you are only eligible for the statutory fee if you are from a country within the  European Economic Area, Switzerland or Surinam. The rate also applies to UAF refugee students. You must also live in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg or parts of Germany.

Students who are not eligible for the statutory fee pay the institutional fee of € 5,200. The fees apply to part-time study programmes, non-government-funded study programmes to students from outside the EEA and to students who previously obtained a bachelor's degree (when enrolling in a bachelor's programme) or a master's degree (when enrolling in a master's programme).

other fees
● preparatory course: € 1,350
● Sweelinck Academy and Junior Jazz College € 1,350
● Sweelinck Academy Percussion Friends € 1,500,-
● master's preparatory course: € 3,000
● postgraduate course in Music Education: € 3,250,-
● examination fee for those who enrol as external students: € 900,-

Please find more information on the website of the Amsterdam University of the Arts