Frequently asked questions: Study

Are the lessons only in Dutch?
No. During individual lessons Dutch or English is spoken and the majority of theory lessons is also taught in English.

How much is the tuition fee?
Please see Tuition fees. If you have any questions regarding the (payment of your) tuition fee, please contact the Enrolment Office of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, Jodenbreestraat 3, telephone: 020 527 7734, email:

How much is the fee for contract study?
The fee for contract study vary per individual and depends on the number of subjects you take. For information please contact Mr. Will Jansen (for classical music) or Mr. Bram Strijbis (for jazz).

When will I receive my schedule?
Your schedule will be presented on the first day of the new academic year. During the summer holidays you will receive information from the Service Bureau of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Make sure we have your correct address!!!

Am I allowed to work during my study?
In principle you are expected to be available five days a week to attend lessons.

Is it possible to combine te Conservatory study with another study, for instance at the University?
Though there are some students who combine the Conservatory study with another study, combining two fulltime studies is generally very difficult. You will encounter various problems, such as lessons and lectures taking place at the same time, and the amount of time both studies will take. A fulltime study, like the Conservatory study, requires a time investment of forty hours a week. Obviously your choice of second study also matters; if you want to combine your Conservatory study with Musicology, you might be exempted from a number of subjects. In short: combining two studies is not to be recommended.

Is it possible to combine the preliminary training with another study?
Yes. The lessons of the preliminary training do not take more than four or five hours a week and are generally scheduled at the end of the day. For classical preliminary students the possibility exists to take lessons on Saturdays.

Does the Conservatorium van Amsterdam provide student housing?
No. For more information on student housing please click here.

Is it possible to start my study later in the study year, in January for example?
No, that is not possible. All CvA study programmes start in September.