Early music entrance exams 2019

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Traverso April 16 preselection
Baroque oboe April 11 preselection
Baroque bassoon April 11 preselection
Natural horn April 11 preselection
Natural trumpet April 11 preselection
Clavichord April 10 and 18 preselection
Fortepiano April 10 preselection
Harpsichord April 10 and 18 preselection
Basso Continuo April 10 and 18 preselection
Lute April 18 preselection
Baroque violin/viola April 8 and 15 preselection
Baroque cello April 15 preselection
Viola da gamba April 9 preselection
Violone April 15 preselection
Voice April 16 and 17 preselection

Theory exam

All candidates for the bachelor's and the preparatory programme must take a separate written and oral exam in general music theory, ear-training, and solfege. The written portion of this exam will take place one day in advance of the instrumental/vocal audition or on the day of the audition itself. The oral portion of the theory exam will take place in most cases immediately after the practical audition. Please plan, then, to be present in Amsterdam for at least two days. The specific day/time of the (written) theory exam and practical audition will be announced in the letter of invitation. If you have any questions, please contact the study secretariat.