Here you will find general information about the admission procedure and the entrance exam. The specific admission requirements for your instrument are described per department on the page of the principal subject of your choice.

Admission to the bachelor's degree programme

In order to be admitted to the bachelor programme at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, candidates should possess a graduation certificate from an institution of secondary education a recognised equivalent of a Dutch VWO or HAVO certificate.

In certain cases candidates whose qualifications do not match or fall short of the minimum entrance requirements may still be admitted after an additional admission inquiry which demonstrates that the candidate is expected to take the study succesfully. This inquiry may be made by the exam committee and/or through an external institute, chosen by the conservatory. The fees are for account of the candidate. Candidates should also pass the entrance examination.

The entrance exam
The entrance exam consists of two parts, a practical part and a theoretical part. The admission requirements for the practical part for each principal subject may be found under the department and principal subject of your choice:

Classical Music

Early Music


Pop Music

Music in Education

General information regarding the entrance exam may be found here.

CvA Online offers preparatory workshops for the theoretical part of the classical entrance exam and the jazz entrance exam.

Admission to the master's degree programma

The master entrance exam consists of a practical exam only. The admission requirements can be found on the page of the principal subject of your choice on:

Classical Music

Early Music


Pop Music


The bachelor's and master's degree programmes at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam are fulltime studies and require as a result an attendance according to the study time.

Language certificate

The lessons at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam are in Dutch or English. Therefore every student at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam must have a passive as well as an active knowledge of the Dutch or English language. Students who cannot speak and understand English (or Dutch), cannot be admitted to the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

In order to enrol as a student, foreign candidates from non-English speaking countries outside EU, need to present a TOEFL or IELTS certificate with a sufficient score. The minimum scores that are regarded as sufficient can be found below. The certificate needs to be submitted together with the other papers for the audition. Without a TOEFL or IELTS diploma, or without a sufficient score, the candidate cannot be enrolled as a student.

Candidates from non-English speaking EU-countries are excempted from the IELTS- and TOEFL-requirement in case English was part of the secondary school exam concluded with sufficient result. Evidence should to be added to the application form. All other candidates from non-English speaking EU-countries should perform an IELTS- or TOEFL certificate.

Minimum scores

Minimum scores IELTS:
Preliminary Training: 5,0
Bachelor Programme: 6,0
Master Programme: 6,0

Minimum total score TOEFL*:
TOEFL Internet-based test (iBT): 64
TOEFL Computer-based test (CBT): 180
TOEFL Paper-based test (PBT): 507

ETS code: 7710

N.B. you are free to choose your test type, however, we recommend the iBT because it contains speaking.

For more information about the tests, where to take them etc., please view: or

For more information on our language policy and the test scores please view the Language Policy of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (PDF).


Classical entrance exam workshop

CvA Online offers a preparatory workshop for the classical theoretical entrance exam


Jazz entrance exam workshop

CvA Online offers a preparatory workshop for the jazz theoretical entrance exam