Training for Excellence

2018-2021. This interdisciplinary research project focused on the application of smart (i.e., efficient) exercise methods in sports, music, and dance - methods that produce greater returns in shorter periods of time. Such methods should enable aspiring athletes and performing artists to perform at their best without compromising their physical and mental health. An international field of work awaits them in which the competition is enormous. In addition to training the necessary movement and expression skills, they must learn to deal with performance pressure and time constraints. The methods used have been empirically tested. This research focused mainly on their implementation in different educational and performance environments. It consisted of training interventions and process evaluations, using qualitative (logs, interviews, focus groups) and quantitative methods (questionnaires, outcome measures). The CvA intensified its study lab programme for this research.

The research was funded by the NWO/SIA RAAK/Public scheme. The Conservatorium van Amsterdam was a co-applicant for this project for the domain of Music, together with the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (main applicant - Sport) and Codarts Rotterdam (Dance). The public institutions involved in this research were the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO), The Residentie Orchestra, NOC*NSF, the Centre for Top Sports and Education (CTO) and the Dutch Basketball Association (NBB). The Faculty of Movement Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, with whom the CvA had a long-standing collaboration, was also part of the consortium. The project was led by Dr. Raôul Oudejans (HvA, VU). The principal researcher was Dr. Jolan Kegelaers.


  • Forthcoming: Jolan Kegelaers, Lotte Hoogkamer, Raôul; D. Oudejans, 'Practice and Performance Management Strategies by Emerging Professional Musicians in Preparation for Orchestra Auditions', in: Research Studies in Music Education, forthcoming
  • 2021 Jolan Kegelaers, Michiel Schuijer, Raôul D. Oudejans, ‘Resilience and Mental Health Issues in Classical Musicians: A Preliminary Study’. Psychology of Music 49/5, 1274-1283.
  • 2020 Jolan Kegelaers and Raôul Oudejans, ‘A Process Evaluation of Performance Psychology Intervention for Transitioning Elite and Elite Musicians’. In: Frontiers in Psychology 11 (mei 2020), pp. 1-13.