Wieneke van Breukelen: Push, pull and yielding

Reaching out... pushing away.
How often do we do this, in daily life and in dance......
But what about the base for these two movements: yielding?
Can we act without reaching and pushing for a moment, and only yield, staying with the inner‐flow? From the perspective of Laban Movement Analyse these three modes of movement are the basis of our moving‐existence.
During the workshop we are going to improvise with them, experiencing the impact of these three movements on our dance and our dance‐space!

Wieneke van Breukelen

Wieneke van Breukelen is a teacher of dance(‐expression) and Laban Movement Analysis. After her professional life at Fontys Dance‐academy, educating dance teachers, she started her own professional training for adults in Amsterdam:'Beweging, Dans en Spel.