Classical Department

Senior Adviser Programme Development
Michel Dispa

Coordination of Study Programmes
Will Jansen

Marianne Berenschot project leader
Clara Brons producer
Erik van Lith masterclasses and guest teachers
Daan Kortekaas Sweelinck Academy for young talents

Study Advice
Dorine Jansma

David Kuyken keyboard instruments,Sweelinck Academy for young talents
Michiel Schuijer composition, conducting and music theory
Don Marrazzo voice
Kees Koelmans strings
Pierre Volders winds
Richard Jansen percussion

Coordination of subjects
Michiel Schuijer master electives and research
John Koslovsky music theory
Michel Khalifa music history
Marieke Oremus educational subjects, programme for entrepreneurial artists
Marian Schutjens chamber music in the first yearof the bachelor programme, piano as a subsidiary subject
Paul Scheepers chamber music in the second and third year of the bachelor programme
Jaap Kooi coaching