8th Amsterdam Hindemith Viola Festival

20-27 November 2021

Please note: admission is free of charge for all events, but it is mandatory to book a seat. More information on how to book a seat will be published here shortly. 
We also have to ask visitors of 13 years and older to show a negative corona test result or proof of vaccination in the CoronaCheck app.


Saturday 20 November

9.00-12.00h Bernard Haitinzaal
National Viola Competition first round

10.00-13.00h Sweelinckzaal
masterclass by Sven Arne Tepl

Sunday 21 November

10.00-13.00h Sweelinckzaal
masterclass by Sven Arne Tepl

13.00-17.15h Bernard Haitinkzaal
National Viola Competition second round

Monday 22 November

12.30-13.30h Sweelinckzaal
lunchconcert by Nobuki Imai, viola, and Martijn Willers, piano

Wednesday 24 November

9.45-10.45h Bernard Haitinkzaal
lecture by Louise Lansdown

11.00h Bernard Haitinkzaal
Hindemith Concert 1

  • Nobuko Imai, viola; Martijn Willers, piano
    Trauermusik, for string orchestra with solo viola (1936); arr. for viola and piano by Hindemith
  • Fiachra de hOra, viola; Martijn Willers, piano
    Meditation, no. 8 from 'Nobilissima Visione' (1938)
  • Hokusai Quartet: Manuel de Almeida Ferrer, violin; Diane Cesaro, violin; Javier Rodas, viola; Jan van der Plas, cello
    String Quartet no. 4, op. 22 (1921)
  • Sabine Wüthrich, soprano; Hector Perez Mena, oboe; Anuschka Cidlinsky, viola; Alma Tedde, cello
    The Serenades, small cantata after romantic texts, op. 35 (1924) 
  • Pauli Paananen, violin; Lisanne Clignett, violin; Ida Weidner, viola; Eneiva Lapa, cello
    Minimax 'repertory for military music' (1923) for string quartet; movements nos. 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Dagmar Korbar, viola; Ramon van Engelenhoven, piano 
    Sonata for viola and piano in F major, op. 11 no. 4 (1919)      

15.00h Bernard Haitinkzaal
Hindemith Concert 2

  • Sophia Faltas, mezzo-soprano; Elise Tossens, flute; t.b.d. clarinet; Louisa Strynx Rocha, violin; Gioia Kuipers, viola; Emma Warmelink, cello
    Die junge Magd, op. 23b (1922)
  • Honorary Guest Louise Lansdown, viola; Elise Tossens, flute
    Duo for flute and viola (approx. 1930 at Yale University)  
  • CvA students; Louise Lansdown, viola; Nobuko Imai, viola
    Two Hindemith violin duos (1931) transcribed for violas. Commissioned by Erich Doflein.
  • CvA students; Louise Lansdown, viola; Nobuko Imai, viola
    Bartók - violin duos, transcribed for violas. Commissioned by Erich Doflein.
  • Minna Svedberg Feldtmann, viola; Felix Lashmar, double bass   
    Musikalisches Blumengärtlein und Leyptziger Allerley (1927)
    Parody for clarinet and  double bass, transcribed for viola and double bass
  • Seamus Hickey, viola; Sean Morgan-Rooney, piano
    Viola Sonata (1939) for viola and piano

20.00h Bernard Haitinkzaal
Hindemith Concert 3

  • T.b.d., voice; Carlos Delgado Antequera, viola; Elinor David-Larsen, viola; Berta García Sanz, cello; Gabriel Rodero, cello 
    Des Todes Tod op. 23a (1922); three songs to poems by Eduard Reinacher for female voice with accompaniment of two violas and two cellos
  • Franciska Galante, viola; Constance Pharoah, viola
    Sonata for solo viola op. 25 no. 1 (1922)
  • Francien Schatborn, Marjolein Dispa, Judith Wijzenbeek, violas
    8 Canons, Concert; transcribed for 3 violas
  • Hawijch Elders, violin; Takehiro Konoe, viola 1; Francesca Wiersma, viola 2; Tom Feltgen, cello; Sasha Witteveen, double bass; Rosa Torres Serra, clarinet; Hugo Freitas, horn; Maria Losada, bassoon 
    Octet (1958) for violin, two violas, cello, double bass, clarinet, horn and bassoon
Thursday 25 November

11.00h Sweelinckzaal
Hindemith Concert 4

  • José Mouro Nunes, viola 
    Sonata for solo viola (1937)
  • Sophia Faltas, mezzo-soprano; t.b.d., violins; Giulia Wechsler, viola; Diana Sanz Pascual, cello  
    Melancholie, op. 13 (1917); four songs for female voice and string quartet after poems by Christian Morgenstern
  • Lilian Haug, viola; Mafalda Oliveira, saxophone; Noriko Yabe, piano
    Trio op. 47, for piano, viola and heckelphone (1928)
  • Alkistis Mise, viola 1; t.b.d., violas 2 and 3 and cello
    Frankenstein’s Monstre Repertoire, for string quartet
  • Davita Laseur, violin; Armen Nazarian, viola; t.b.d., cello 
    String Trio no.1, op. 34 (1924)

15.00h Sweelinckzaal 
Hindemith Concert 5

  • Rita Proença, viola; Pedro Massarrão, cello     
    Duet for viola and cello (1934)
  • Lara Albesano, viola; Daniel Kramer, piano; t.b.d., cartoon projector operator
    A Frog he Went A-Courting (1941). Variations on an Old-English Nursery Song, originally for violoncello and piano
  • João Abreu, viola; Liselot Blomaard, viola  
    Sonata for solo viola, op. 31 no. 4 (1923)
  • Jules Monnier, viola; Peter Lacković, heckelphone; Noriko Yabe, piano
    Trio op. 47, for piano, viola and heckelphone (1928)
  • Kerttu Keinänen, clarinet; Maria Kouznetsova, violin; Ernst Jan Vos, violin; Shih-Hsien Tsai, viola; Sheng-Chiun Lin, cello
    Clarinet Quintet (1954)

20.00h Sweelinckzaal
Hindemith Concert 6

  • Duleen van Gunsteren, viola; Daniel Kramer, piano
    Sonata for viola and piano op. 25 no. 4 (1925)
  • Gabriel Ariza Ureta, violin; Cecilia Merli, violin; Arina Kuchmina, viola; Krystina Kulchinska, cello
    Minimax 'repertory for military music' (1923) for string quartet, movements 1 and 2
  • May Bardsley, Simon Rosier, viola, Martin Moriarty, viola
    Sonata for viola solo, op. 11 no. 5 (1919)
  • Luosha Fang, viola d’amore; Martijn Willers, piano
    Small sonata for viola d’amore and piano, op. 22 no. 5 (1922)
  • Nobuko Imai, viola; Max Knigge, conductor; viola orchestra: viola 1: Francien Schatborn, leader; viola 2: Armen Nazarian, leader; viola 3: Sven Arne Tepl, leader; viola 4: Marjolein Dispa, leader
    Trauermusik for string orchestra with solo viola (1936). Transcribed for viola orchestra and solo viola by Max Knigge
Friday 26 November

15.00-16.00h Bernard Haitinkzaal
lecture by Walter van Hauwe

Saturday 27 November

10.00-13.00h Sweelinckzaal
masterclass for the Sweelinck Academy (Young Talents)

14.00-17.00h Bernard Haitinkzaal
National Viola Competition Final

18.30h Splendor
Grande Finale Event and Concert
tickets for this event can be booked at Splendor


Bernard Haitinkzaal and Sweelinckzaal: Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 151, Amsterdam
Splendor: Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116, Amsterdam

How to apply for the masterclasses

You can apply for the masterclasses by e-mailing your name, preferred teacher and date and piece you will play (if already known) to Clara Brons.

Young talent students can apply for the masterclass with Judith Wijzenbeek by e-mailing judith.wijzenbeek@ahk.nl.

For CvA students the masterclasses are free of charge. For participants outside the Conservatorium van Amsterdam the fee is € 40,-, to be paid in advance by bank transfer:

Conservatorium van Amsterdam
IBAN NL52RABO0309034426
Please mention your name, which masterclass(es) and date(s)).

Deadline for application: 31 October 2021

More information

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