Semifinal II

Tue March 24, 2020
20.00h Amsterdam Blue Note
free admission

Ilia Rayskin Quintet

Hristo Goleminov, tenor saxophone
Aleksander Sever, vibraphone
Mate Lachegyi, piano
Omer Govreen, double bass
Ilia Rayskin, drums

Ilia Rayskin formed the quintet by choosing the most inspiring musicians and close friends to play his original compositions. The band started rehearsing last fall and recorded an EP in November, which will be released later this year. Ilia's music focuses on finding a balance between complexity and groove. Each composition takes the listener on a journey through different worlds and provides a platform for each musician in the band to show what they have to say.

Lorenzo Buffa Project

Niccolò Ricci, saxophone
Massimo Imperatore, guitar
Emanuele Pellegrini, piano
Lorenzo Buffa, bass
Nick Thessalonikefs, drums

I think it's important to be rooted in the tradition but not lose focus on the present. I think the music we play is something coming from the Now, the time we live in is extremely hectic, so is the music we play. When I compose I think of artists like: Ambrose Akinmusire, Ben Wendel, or others together with the tradition. We met here in Amsterdam, a varied city with a variety of people. We all have different backgrounds and I think this is necessary to bring out the meaning of the music itself.

Hristo Goleminov Quartet

Hristo Goleminov, tenor saxophone
Miguel Meirinhos, piano
Omer Govreen, double bass
João Guerra, drums

Between the many hours of lessons, practicing, cooking, washing dishes and waiting for tram 26, saxophonist Hristo Goleminov found just enough time to turn some of his thoughts into music. His quartet features some of his favourite musicians, and serves as an open platform to explore the deep questions of the life in Amsterdam, such as: 'OK, it's raining again... What now?'

Fabien Vuattoux Trio

Fabien Vuattoux, electric guitar
Matteo Mazzu, electric bass
Ilia Rayskin, drums

From furious rock riffs to sinuous and impressionistic melodies, while adding interaction and listening as the main ingredients of the music, the band draws inspiration from jazz to more contemporary forms and grooves without being classified in any genre distinctions. Interested in structure and sound, balance between composition and improvisation, they combine different approaches to develop their own language.


Miguel Valente, saxophone
Julia Perminova, piano
Josef Zeimetz, bass
Luis Possollo, drums

Wurope is a young band found in Amsterdam in 2019 consisting of four Wuropean musicians in a traditional acoustic jazz quartet formation. Strongly impulsive and inspired by artists such as Chopin, Ambrose Akinmusire and Squarepusher, Wurope is always eager to let their music take off. After recording in November last year, the band is exited to release their first LP very soon.