Klassiek | Concert Flow on Stage

vrijdag 26 april 2024, 17:45 - 19:00 uur
Bernard Haitinkzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Oosterdokskade 151
1011 DL Amsterdam

In the Zone
Jacqueline Belterman, violin; Neil Dixon, violin; Iris Kengen, baroque violin; Teresa Da Silveira Caleiro, viola; Carolina Rodrigues Aguiar, cello; Job Jurre Huiskamp, cello; Fidessa Inen, recorder; Ivet Serra, flute; Márk Beke, trombone; Margot Jacobs, harp; Marlies de Lange, harp; Agathe Labadie, voice

'Flow on Stage' is an elective of the Body and Mind Department taught by Achim Heine. The thirteen classical students practiced open listening by preparing body and mind with various contemplative exercises. In that way, we worked on performing from a non-biased state of mind. Completely open listening has a strong effect on the interpretation of composed works, and can alleviate mental distractions which affect playing.

The participants present themselves in a concert of 60 minutes, in which 8 solo pieces and 2 duets will be performed. The programme includes compositions from many style periods as well as an improvised piece, and will surprise you throughout the concert by the brilliance of the personal approach of each performer.