Score Collective - Song Books

vrijdag 03 december 2021, 20:15 - 21:00 uur

Score Collective o.l.v. Drummado Wijnhamer; studenten zang van het CvA
Louis Andriessen - Beatles Songs; Luciano Berio - Folk Songs; John Cage - selectie uit Song Books; Bernard Cavanna - selectie uit liederen van Schubert; Adam Łukawski - Reset, new times again (wereldpremière)

Score Collective, het ensemble voor nieuwe muziek van het CvA, neemt het lied onder de loep. Sleutelwerken voor solostem en ensemble van Berio en Cage worden gecombineerd met Louis Andriessens onvergetelijke bewerkingen van vier Beatles-liedjes. Cavanna’s bewerkingen van Schuberts liederen vormen de verbinding met de historie van het lied. Adam Łukawski, compositiestudent van het CvA geeft zijn kijk op het lied in de 21e eeuw.

Dit concert wordt live gestreamd vanuit de Bernard Haitinkzaal via  


Score Collective - Song Books 

Score Collective is the new music ensemble of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. It dedicates itself to essential works from the past seventy years. In each project, work by CvA composition students is performed. Score Collective is conducted by CvA's Ed Spanjaard, conducting students, and guest conductors specialising in music of today. Score Collective is curated by Arnold Marinissen and Michael Langemann. 

In the Song Books programme, Score Collective zooms in on the phenomenon of Lied, which rose to prominence in the hands of a composer like Franz Schubert. It kept developing throughout the age of romanticism, but possibly lost some of its prominence in the course of the 20th century. Did the intimacy of the Lied repertoire fit the concert stage less than it had suited the salon? Did the stage require bigger instrumental gestures? Score Collective puts contempory Lied to the test, and present a generous sampling of song repertoire written in the past half century. 

Key work for solo voice and ensemble by Berio and Cage are combined with Louis Andriessen's unforgettable versions of four Beatles songs. Bernard Cavanna’s arrangements of Schubert songs provide a link with the history of Lied. CvA alumnus Adam Łukawski offers a contemporary view on Lied, in his new work written for Score Collective. The works are joined together, resulting in an eclectic Lied recital for nine voices and ensemble. Singer Cora Burggraaf has co-curated the programme, and created and rehearsed Songs Books' mise-en-scene. 


1 John Cage - from Song Books (1970): No. 21  
2 Louis Andriessen - from Four Beatles Songs (1966): 

3 Franz Schubert, arr. Bernard Cavanna (2001): 
Im Frühling  
An den Mond  

4 Louis Andriessen - from Four Beatles Songs (1966): 
Ticket to ride  
Hide your love away  

5 John Cage - from Song Books (1970): No. 21, 13  

6 Adam Łukawski - Reset, new times again (2020) first performance 

7 John Cage - from Song Books (1970): No. 43, 52 

8  Luciano Berio - Folk Songs (1964): 
i Black is the colour  
ii I wonder as I wander  
iii Loosin Yelav...  
iv Rossignolet du Bois  
v A la femminisca  
vi La donna ideale  
vii Ballo  
viii Motettu de Tristura 
ix Malurous qu’on uno fenno  
x La fiolaire  
xi Azerbaijan love song  

9 Franz Schubert, arr. Bernard Cavanna (2001): 
Meeres Stille 

Drummado Wijnhamer, conductor (6, 8) 

Rachel Guertin-Lambertson, voice (8iii, 8iv) 
Linda de Hooge, voice (8v, 8viii) 
Femke Hulsman, voice (8vii, 8x, 8xi) 
Diana Kantner, voice (8i, 8ii) 
Andre Manuel Rodrigues Lopes, voice (3) 
Emory Mulick, voice (9) 
Gabriella Noble, voice (1, 5, 7) 
Olga van Tongeren, voice (8vi, 8ix) 
Anna Trombetta, voice (2, 4, 6, 7) 

Nicola Stevenson, flute/piccolo (6, 8) 
Simon Karremans, clarinet (6, 8) 
Nejc Poljanec, accordeon (3, 9) 
Johanna Görissen, harp (6, 8) 
José Joaquín Parejo Bullón, piano (2, 4, 6) 
Daniel Bolba, percussion (6, 8) 
Aleksandra Wtorek, percussion (8) 
Natalie Kulina, violin (3, 6, 9) 
Sofia Navarro Escaño, violin (6) 
Jules Monnier, viola (3, 6, 8) 
Bernardo Nabais, violoncello (6, 8, 9) 
Will Cravy, double bass (6) 

Cora Burggraaf, mise-en-scene & coaching