Rough Diamonds Series

Tuesday 28 May 2019, 22:00 - 23:30 uur
Piet Heinkade 3
1019 BR Amsterdam

Youngwoo Lee Quintet
This project is led by Young-Woo Lee (pianist and composer). The music is inspired by contemporary jazz, classical music, improvised music, arts and the people surrounding them. The natural flowing atmosphere was added to the music from individual members. Featuring a great rhythm section Tijs Klaassen on bass, Sun Mi Hong on drums and the only horn, Jose Soares on saxophone.


There’s often confusion about the meaning of the words ‘tradition’ and ‘history’. The tradition has a history, which we study to keep the tradition alive. The jazz tradition to us means communicating a mixture of styles and cultures. We share a love for present-day popular music and strive to create a sound that combines all of our influences into something relevant. On stage we always try to live up to our band name, which strongly represents unity.

Het Conservatorium van Amsterdam barst van jonge, bevlogen musici die allerlei interessante initiatieven ontplooien. In mei en juni besteedt het Bimhuis elke dinsdag vanaf 22:00 aandacht aan bijzondere talenten uit deze jazzgeneratie van morgen. 
Elke avond komen twee bands of solisten voor het voetlicht. 
host: Jasper Blom.